New Testament Reading Challenge

Instead of going through the entire Bible in a year, I’ve challenged our youth to read through the New Testament in half a year.  That amounts to roughly 2 chapters a day, 5 days a week, for 6 months.

I love that there are no assigned readings on weekends which allows us to catch up on our readings if need be.  Another appeal to this plan is that without a passage to read on Sunday, we can spend some time meditating on the pastor’s sermon.

Also, the readings have been broken up in such a way so as to keep the writings of each respective author together.  So, for instance, after reading Luke, we’ll dive into Acts.  After reading John’s gospel, we’ll delve into his letters and then Revelation.  I’m hoping this will familiarize us with the styles, tendencies, and the unique flavors of each respective author.  The one exception to these groupings are Paul’s letters, which, for the most part have been kept together but not entirely. …continue reading